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Welcome to the world of fragrances

Essential oils, herbs and flower essences have been known for centuries as a remedy for the successful restoration of physical and mental well-being, even when conventional medicine still unduly doubts their benefits. Our sense of smell is an important guide through life - who before has not experienced a smell which transports them back to an earlier situation, it helps us with many choices. We smell everything around us: our car, our home, the city, the smell of our partner. If we had to live in a stuffy apartment, or wear clothes that smell dirty, the smell would be unpleasant to us and we would reject it. Find out for yourself what essential oil helps you personally in your living and working spaces, or in your clothing for a good life.

All of our essential oils are natural!
We apply stringent rules to our choice of suppliers!
Every single delivery undergoes a variety of tests in their own laboratories:
- Sensorial: appearance, flavor and texture.
- Gas chromatograph test tables: finding the active substances and ingredients.
- Physical characteristics: density, refractive index, polarization, solubility, etc.
Of course, we also examine the essential oils on arrival in our shop.
We adhere to the motto: Trust is good - control is better! Our essential oils are protected from direct light in brown glass bottles.

The proof of quality - safety!
For many essential oils a copy of the analysis of the selected oil is available online! Since May 11, 1999, our oils are tested by the Swiss Health Authority and registered under BAG T No. 96980th

Applications of essential oils:
The possible applications of essential oils are extraordinarily diverse.

Please follow our instructions!
Essential oils are concentrated and should never be used undiluted!
We note exceptions separately - You can irritate eyes and mucous membranes!
Keep essential oils away from light, in a cool, dry place and away from children!
Our products are not medical in terms of the Medicines Act.

The fragrance lamp
Never use undiluted oils in aromatherapy lamp!
No fragrance lamp use in the nursery!

- Make sure that the water-oil mixture in the oil burner does not get hot.
- The distance between the candle and bowl should be at least 15cm! Recently, table lamps are available on the market that use the waste heat from the light bulb to heat the oil-water mixture. Even so-called "diffusers" are quite good if the material is suitable for essential oils. The essential oil will diffuse slowly and not evaporate!
- After about 10 - 15 minutes you will feel the fragrance level has subsided. Do not be fooled! Leave the room for a while, when you return you will find that the scent is still intensely present. Headache and malaise may result in non-compliance.
- With a suitable oil burner you can, depending on your mood or desired effect, give a room the scent of your choice. Fill the oil burner with water (
about 200ml
- enough for a tea light), and according to the room size and desired fragrance intensity required add about 6 - add 10 drops of the essential oil used. The water-oil mixture is heated by a tea light and will take its beneficial effects.
- At work, you can stay mentally stimulated and alert with stimulating fresh scents, and neutralize kitchen odours around the home, freshen bad, smoky air, repell insects, or simply surround yourself with your favorite scent and feel more comfortable.

Here are some examples of typical oil burner applications:
- In the work area:
bergamot, lemon, lemongrass.

- In the bedroom: lavender, ylang, orange, sandalwood.

- In the living room: eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, geranium, lemongrass

- Fragrance lamp for cleaning the air we breathe: petit grain, bergamot, lavender

- Scented wood or potpourri in the nursery: orange, tangerine, lavender

Note: Please do not use mineral oil as a carrier oil! Synthetic oils are made from petroleum, hardly penetrate into the skin and reduce the effects of essential oils! The body can not handle artificial oils and builds them up! Unfortunately, they are often used in baby oil!




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